destination wedding dreams come true in hamburg


here at picture me beautiful we just love destination weddings!!! Not only are they an opportunity to visit new places but a great way to make new friends and enjoy new experiences. So, as autumn turned the leaves to gold, we set off in late September for the marriage of the lovely Hannah and Michael in the beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany. The couple met over 7 years ago through mutual friends and maintained a long distance relationship through their student years before living together and deciding to tie the knot in their adopted city. Before the wedding they stayed at the elegant Jacob Hotel on the banks of river Elbe and had a traditional church service at the Nienstedten Kirche just across the road.
During the service photography was strictly limited to the arrival of the bride, the ring exchange, the kiss and the couple leaving as man and wife. Although as photographers looking to capture great shots this restriction can seem challenging we totally understand that, in the house of God, the order of service and the commitments made in marriage are sacred.  So it’s as important to be in the moment as it is to document it and after the service Hannah and Michael were a joy to photograph – so trusting and relaxed in front of the camera it felt as though we had been friends for years.
Being invited to the dinner is such a lovely gesture by the bride and groom and really gives us a chance to blend in and take plenty of candid shots of the wedding guests. After the meal, fun and games began and then Michael led Hannah to the floor for the first dance with a elegant waltz before moving onto some serious boogie and much laughter.
For us it was a wonderful experience with fantastic German hospitality, a radiant bride. a romantic couple and great friends and family to share it with – thank you!

wedding-flowers-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk bride-to-be-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-dress-&-shoes-by-picture-me-beautiful-UK getting-the-bride-ready-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk bride-and-her-maid-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk bride-and-her-maid-of-honour-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk beautiful-bride-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk the-wedding-rings-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk ageless-beauty-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-guests-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-guests-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk groom-awaits-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk church-wedding-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk   church-wedding-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk church-wedding-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk church-wedding-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk church-wedding-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk church-wedding-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding couple by picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk radiant-bride-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-with-friends-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk- wedding-congratulations-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-bubbles-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-bubbles-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-group-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-day-bubbles-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk- wedding-group-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk- bride-&-groom-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk bride-&-groom-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk-    bride-&-groom-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk- wedding kiss by picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk bride-&-groom-by-picture-me-beautiful-UK bridal-bouquet-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk child-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-guests-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk first wedding dance by picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-guests-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk sparklers-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-guests-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk- wedding-party-dancing-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk- wedding-party-dancing-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk- wedding-fun-&-games-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-fun-&-games-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-fun-&-games-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk wedding-party-dancing-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk- wedding-party-dancing-by-picture-me-beautiful-photography-uk-

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  1. What a beautiful day – I love the image of the bride and groom with all the bubbly guests (pic 112) – just wonderful. Not as sure about the newspaper party hats!

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