Together we have an all consuming passion for photography, film and style.

John started out as a reportage photographer then moved into the flash lit world of high end editorial, celebrities and commercial advertising campaigns before returning to his first love – film and the play of natural light in movement.

I studied fashion, film and journalism and worked for many years as a stylist.

Together we’ve evolved a style that is creative documentary and contemporary image making.

Artistic reportage to capture magical moments as they unfold and creative portraiture to picture all the emotion of your wedding day. the beauty, the details, the fun, the laughter, the love and all the romance of the occasion.

We like to tell the story of your day without getting in your way. To keep it relaxed and natural – reacting spontaneously to events without imposing too much direction.

We love to engage with people, to put you at ease so that you forget about the camera and just enjoy yourselves.

Everyone is unique, every situation is different and we want you to feel truly special.

Ideally we like to meet each couple beforehand so that we can get to know a little bit about you.
If you have any ideas, any special requests, we want to hear about them.
Most of all we want you feel confident and happy.
You’ve dreamt of this moment, you’ve planned it down to the very last detail and we’re here to help you hold onto it for an eternity.
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